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How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

How many miles do you get from a pair of brake shoes or brake pads mainly depends upon the kind of driving you do as well as individual driving habits. Brakes may last from 25, 000 miles to 50, 000 miles, and here’s why: Stop and-go driving, as in city driving or on highways during rush hour, when the brakes are used often, means shorter service life than if you’re driving the turnpike between towns In light traffic with the cruise control on. Other reasons for brake wear. Additionally, brake wear depends in part on just how much weight the ... Read more

How to Choose best brake Pads Brand for your brake system?

New automobiles should meet federal efficiency standards-the absolute minimum stop distance in an extensive variety of scenarios under a specified pedal effort. Many customers assume all replacement pads may execute simply as well or better than factory components, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In an effort to improve the client comfort level as well as to avoid future government regulations brake manufacturing companies can test and check their products under two voluntary certification requirements. Both are designed to make sure that replacement brakes are as powerful as original equipment, and consumers should ensure that any pads being installed on ... Read more

DIY Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement Brake pad replacement is among the most crucial aspects of motorized vehicle care and is an important contribution toward safe driving. Even though lots of drivers choose in take their car or truck to a garage or service center for brake pad alternative, it is possible to get the job done yourself. This should be a comparatively simple job for anybody with an intermediate degree of mechanical knowledge. Park your vehicle on an apartment, even surface and make sure that the parking brake is completely engaged. Put the wooden blocks behind the back tires to keep the ... Read more

Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes

With all of the progress enabling vehicles to increase, manufacturing companies had to develop better methods to slow them down. Today’s vehicles and trucks are made with different brake shapes, but what is the difference with regards to drum brakes vs disc brakes, and how does a producer determine the best fit? Both disk and drum brakes work by converting kinetic energy into heat through friction. They each depend on the pressure of the slowly degradable material, in the type of brake shoes or brake pads, applied to a metal part connected to the wheels. This last part is what ... Read more

Which one is better ? Semi-metallic brake pads or Ceramic brake pads ?

When it is time to replace your brakes, you will need to decide what types of brake pads you are going to install. If you are like most people, you don’t know the difference between ceramic brake pads and semi-metallic brake pads. You also likely don’t know the difference between the two. The truth is they are very different. When it comes to brakes, there aren’t specific pads that will only work for specific cars. Choosing the best pads for you would depend on your driving style, the places that you usually drive, and your braking style. Two people can ... Read more

Mercedes Benz Actros Brake Pads WVA29087

WVA29087 Mercedes Benz Actros Brake Pads is popular type in the world market. We can produce both casting and stamping brake pads.Please check right picture, One is stamping brake pads and other is casting brake pads. We have semi-metallic and ceramic formula for this type of brake pads. It can drive more than 50000 kilometres. Width:247.6 mm Height:107.6 mm Thickness:30 mm Application: Mercedes Benz Actros, SCANIA,MAN, IVECO, DAF

Ceramic Brake Pads make you safer in driving!

We drive various types of vehicles and in certain time we may feel the urge to drive fast as well in order to avoid delay on certain occasion. Have you ever thought of the consequences that could ever happen as a result of driving at an greater speed? Have you ever thought of the ways to compensate the damage that has been made to your loved vehicle due to an accident? These consequences might really feel heavy on your pocket. Therefore while driving safety should be your major concern. You must have your braking system intact so that any inconvenience ... Read more