brake pads

How many miles do you get from a pair of brake shoes or brake pads mainly depends upon the kind of driving you do as well as individual driving habits. Brakes may last from 25, 000 miles to 50, 000 miles, and here’s why:

Stop and-go driving, as in city driving or on highways during rush hour, when the brakes are used often, means shorter service life than if you’re driving the turnpike between towns In light traffic with the cruise control on.

Other reasons for brake wear.

Additionally, brake wear depends in part on just how much weight the brakes want to quit, a heavily laden van or truck, or a passenger car with 6 adults, will take more time to halt and result in heftier brake wear, than a clear or lightly loaded car.

Another variable determining longevity is the makeup of the pads, the friction materials or brake shoes. Tougher stuff can wear the brake rotors quicker and last longer, but are subject to noise. Softer stuff are more easy on rotors and will quit quietly, but is not going to last as long.

How long do brake pads last with front disk brakes and rear drum brakes?

On automobiles with disk brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back, before you need to replace the rear brake shoes, you can expect to replace the front pads twice. That’s to ensure the front brakes must work more difficult because when you brake the car weight shifts to the front.

To get the longest living out of your brakes, drive easily, using pressure evenly and consistently and expecting stops. Have your brakes checked when you’ve your tires, and don’t take any additional, unneeded weight in the luggage compartment rotated. This way the tech can alert you to hidden leaks any unusual wear or alternative issues. You can refer to your car or truck owner’s manual for the maker’s recommendation for review times.